Visual Secret Sharing Schemes for QR Code

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Ms. M. Sukumari , A. Nisha ME

Abstract— In this project, a novel visual secret sharing (VSS) scheme for QR code (VSSQR) was proposed with (n, n) threshold based on high capacity, admirable visual effects and popularity of color QR code. By splitting and encoding a secret image into QR codes and then fusing QR codes to generate QR code shares, the scheme can share the secret among a certain number of participants. However, less than n participants cannot reveal any information about the secret. The embedding amount and position of the secret image bits generated by VSS are in the range of the error correction ability of the QR code. On one hand, the secret image can be reconstructed by first decomposing three QR codes from each QR code share.Then stacking the corresponding QR codes based on only human visual system without computational devices. On the other hand, by decomposing three QR codes from each QR code share and then XORing the three QR codes respectively, we can reconstruct the secret image lossless.

Visual secret sharing, general access structures, multiple secrets, information-theoretic security.