How to Publish a Paper ??

Research or review paper publication in a high quality international journal is a dream of every scholars. but  some of the students do not know  how to publish paper .  It allows you to connect with other scholars, get your name and work into circulation, and further refine your ideas and research. With publication of paper in best online journal  students can get appreciation from  their guide.

so here is the some guidance how to prepare manuscript , how to publish a paper ?? ,  paper submission  & publishing.



First of all to identify the best research topic  for paper publication is big task . so  students can contact their teachers  , professors for research topic suggestion.  prepare list of research topics. students can search on Google  for latest research topics for education  paper publication.  After Selecting a research topic  prepare ruff document  as a prior work  to prepare manuscript.


Take a suggestion from your teachers for prepared document . and revise as per guideline of your  academic guide. paper content must be clear ,  easy to follow . it will provide great effect to your  paper . please  consider main thing is that check plagiarism for your prepared content.


prepare a final manuscript as per the selected  journal paper format. it is very important to select a proper journal  visit a selected journal site and submit prepared  menu script. you will get acknowledgement  from journal like manuscript id , mail etc.

Step -4

Submitted menu script will undergo with pear review process do not panic or confused if you are getting paper rejection or correction mail from journal’s editorial board. As per the suggestion of reviewer correct your manuscript content  and check plagiarism and resubmit manuscript  to the journal and wait for acceptance mail from reviewer board

Step -5

After correction as per the guideline sure you will get acceptance mail from journal editorial board. And after  getting acceptance mail from reviewer board  complete copy right form and publication fees payment as per the journal guideline.  And Your manuscript will published on journal platform  finally.


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