Publication Policy

Ethical standards for publication exist to make sure reliable & high-quality research publications, trust in scientific findings, which researchers receive credit for his or her work & ideas. international journal of pharmaceutics.

Plagiarism: All articles revealed by JIDPTS are committed to publication solely original material, i.e., material that has neither been revealed elsewhere, neither is below review elsewhere. Manuscripts that are found to possess been derived from a manuscript by alternative authors, whether or not revealed or unpublished, can incur plagiarism penalty.

Duplicate Submission: Manuscripts that are found to possess been revealed elsewhere, or to be below review elsewhere, can incur duplicate submission sanctions. If authors have used their own antecedent revealed work, or work that’s presently below review, because the basis for a submitted manuscript, they’re needed to cite the previous work and indicate however their submitted manuscript offers novel contributions on the far side those of the previous journal of pharmaceutics

Citation Manipulation: Submitted manuscripts that are found to incorporate citations whose primary purpose is to extend the quantity of citations to a given author’s work, or to articles revealed in a very explicit journal, can incur citation manipulation penalty.

Data Fabrication & Falsification: Submitted manuscripts that are found to possess either invented or falsified experimental results, as well as the manipulation of pictures, can incur information fabrication and falsification penalty.

Penalty: In the event that there are documented violations of any of the on top of mentioned policies of JIDPTS notwithstanding whether or not or not the violations occurred in a very journal revealed by JIDPTS, the subsequent rules are going to be applied:

Immediate rejection of the infringing manuscript. Immediate rejection of each alternative manuscript submitted to any journal revealed by JIDPTS by any of the authors of the infringing manuscript.

It is also Informed to all Authors that Paper published in JIDPTS journal is not permenent After Paper publication if  we found any Issue with paper Published in JIDPTS like we got any email that contains information that published paper is plagarized  or by any information medium we got that published paper content is stolen form any published material  or like that  then we will remove paper immediately  from  our journal portal  and  also inform to the authors . because we never compromise with quality .. so if we found any issue after paper published in Our journal we will take immediate action and remove it from our journal portal.

Open Access E Journal 

JIDPTS is an Open Access Online International Journal , No Subscription is require to  download published papers .