Privacy Policies

We plan to pick out analysis paper, through highest quality referee. To accomplish this, the whole referee and publication method should be thorough, objective, and honest. nearly each side of this method involves necessary moral rules and conclusions, that square measure rarely expressly explicit and still less usually shared with the audience. Journals’ reputations depend upon the trust of readers, writers, researchers, commentators, editors, analysis studies, support agencies, and directors of public insurance.

This confidence is increased by describing aas expressly as potential the journal’s policies to assure the moral discussion of all participants within the publication method.

Editorial selections ought to be precise.Decisions a few manuscript ought to be primarily based solely on its originality, importance,clarity and relevancy of analysis work.If a broadcast paper is later on found to possess errors or major flaws, the Editor ought to take responsibility for promptly correcting the record within the publication.

Ratings of review quality and alternative performance characteristics of editors ought to be sporadically assessed to assure best publication performance, and should contribute to selections on reappointment. Individual performance information should be confidential.