The relevance of integrating ICT tools in English language teaching

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Mark Treve

Information and communication technologies in the 21st century have transformed the way we communicate as well as doing things. In education, ICT tools play significant roles in facilitating and enhancing English language teaching. They have changed classroom communication methods and modified instruction strategies. Also, ICT tools have made English teaching and learning interactive and collaborative instead of the traditional teacher- talking and students’ listening methodology. Large class sizes are a common phenomenon almost word-wide. To obtain quality education in large classes, teachers have to take extra steps. Teachers of English Language utilize ICT tools in teaching virtually every aspect of English Language teaching. This study, through the qualitative approach, has described the way interactive media devices are used to facilitate and enhance teaching and learning of the English Language in large classes. It has also pointed out how internet technologies (email and websites) can also promote English teaching in large classes. Therefore, so much as larger class sizes, the teachers can still perform well as in small classes with the help of information and communication technology tools.

Information communication technology, teaching English language, media, class size