Soil stabilization using with waste crumb rubber tire

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Vikas Tiwari , Ankit Modi , P.C. Diwan

Abstract :-The amount of tire wastes, an unwanted urban-industry surplus, has been increasing every year throughout the world. Soil stabilization techniques  improve of the stability or bearing capacity of soil by the means of controlled compaction, proportioning and or addition of suitable stabilizers. Now a day’s increase in construction there is always a need of material low in cost and environment friendly which can impart desired strength with effectiveness in construction. Constructions of Highways are such an intricate part of connectivity in India that there is always a need of highway construction or maintenance of existing highway. This experimental work briefly describes the use of locally available crumb rubber tire in soil stabilization. Waste crumb rubber tire helps in improving the desired properties of soil and minimizes the amount of waste to be deposited in environment causing environmental pollution. Crumb rubber tire is quite easily available and is very low in cost, due to day by day increase in cost of stabilizers like cement, lime and other ad mixers use of crumb rubber  tire  can  result in project completion optimally. The soil sample used is clay which requires to be strengthened due to presence of high plasticity; this soil sample is strengthened by using varying proportion of crumb rubber tire. Various tests were conducted to analyze the effect of crumb rubber tire on optimum moisture content, maximum dry density and California bearing ratio. Results shows decrease in optimum moisture content but decrease in maximum dry density, Along with increase in California bearing ratio, from the observations it can be seen that 2%, 4%, 6%, 8% and 10% results in maximum improvement in desired soil properties.  The One of chances to dispose of this waste material is to use these refuses, as a stabilizer in soils, in order to increase the strength properties and the bearing capacity of the soil-stabilizer mixture Discarded tire are becoming globally problematic because recycling them may cause environment related problem. Thus, making use of them needs to be considered and solution must be sustainable. Crumb rubber should cover social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Now days the waste tire are increasingly being considered as construction material. The study was shown clay soil-crumb rubber of 10% stabilization Can be used as fill material in sub grade of highway construction.

waste Crumb rubber tire, C.B.R, Optimum moisture content, maximum dry density, Stabilization.