Secured Cloud Based Quick Search for Temporary Keyword

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Ms.Y.U.Selvalaxmi 1, R.A.Anushma 2

Abstract— Cloud computing makes computer system resources, especially storage and computing power, available on demand without direct active management by the user. The cloud providers are not fully trusted. So, it is necessary to outsource data in the encrypted form. A new cryptographic primitive called key policy attribute based temporary keyword search is introduced. By using the key policy only, the extracted keywords are required to obtain the files from the cloud. In the proposed system, along with the key policy the quick search algorithm is introduced. It provides the searching process very quickly. It is used to find the extract keyword that is matched with the keyword that was stored in the cloud to obtain the files in the secure manner. It provides more security and requires less search time compared with the existing systems.

Searchable encryption, attribute-based encryption, provable security, temporary keyword search, cloud security