Run Time Load Distribution over LSR Protocol

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Mandar More , Jadhav V.D.

Abstract: The Quality of Service In Internet is decreasing day by day. As traffic increases very fast it cause difficulties to maintain quality and it decrease the quality of network. The most popular protocol which widely used in the network is Link state routing protocol which is based on link weight.  In the consideration of today’s network scenario we try to solve the problem of traffic which is unpredictable. As traffic is unpredictable in nature, any node can start transmitting data over wired link. As LSRP is using shortest path forwarding mechanism to send the data towards destination, though the data is more on the link still it will use only single shortest path. Which affect on Quality of Service. OSPF has its own packet forwarding mechanism: Hop-by-Hop and destination based. It split the traffic over shortest path based from source to destination. If traffic increases then it is difficult to transfer the packets from source to destination through single route. Because of that QoS is decreased and TE issues are increased.