Light Weight Service Mash up Middleware with REST Style Architecture and Multi Priority DAG Workflow for IOT application

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Mrs. Afrin Banu 1 , Angel.J, ME 2

Abstract:-  Internet of Things can provide new value-added service by connecting the physical devices to virtual up bringing s connection with their framework, and there is also a vast demand in ad-hoc facilities by the end users for IoT applications. By spreading mash up concept into IoT applications, we can accomplish a novel and more lightweight amenities creation approach. This paper suggests a lightweight IoT service mash up middleware grounded on REST-style architecture for IoT applications, and design an uniform sensor devices entry and dynamically protocol stack management framework, offer a dispensed publish/subscribe created messages sharing service, and conditional IoT services mash up approach, which can be unified easily to create new a malg a mated and conditional applications, and also apply the REST principles to define an extensible edge to build comprehensive and situational mash up applications. Based on proposed service mash up middleware, end user can assimilate applications and services in a more lightweight manner. We also demonstrated the states for REST ful Web service mash ups representing for coal mine safety monitoring and control automation. In the experiments, the end-user evaluation has been conducted to evaluate the middleware, and also the performance has been measured and analyzed.

Internet of Things, Service Mash up Middleware, REST ful Style