Hybrid composite material

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ANURAG Mishra ,Sandeep kumar Mishra,Abhay Shankar Mishra

Abstract: The role of natural and man made fibers reinforced hybrid composite materials are growing in a faster rate in the field of engineering and technology due to its favorable properties. In the present unsustainable environmental condition natural fibers are serving better material in terms of biodegradability, low cost, high strength and corrosion resistance when compared to conventional materials. The benefits of components and products designed and produced in hybrid composite materials instead of metals recognized by many industries.  The main objective of this experimental study is to fabricate the glass fibers,knef and bnana fibe reinforced hybrid composites and to evaluate the mechanical properties such as tensile strength, and impact strength, hardness and water absorption . The hybrid laminates are fabricated by hand lay-up method by using glass, banana and knef fibers as reinforcing material with epoxy resin. The specimen is prepared according to ASTM standards and the experiment has been carried out by using universal testing machine (UTM), Impact testing machine, hardness tester etc. From the experimental results, it has been observed that the banana-kenaf -glass fibers reinforced hybrid epoxy composites exhibited superior properties and used as an alternate material for synthetic fiber reinforced composite materials.


Keywords: Mechanical properties, Hybrid composites, Banana-Kenaf-Glass fiber composites,

Mechanical properties, Hybrid composites, Banana-Kenaf-Glass fiber composites