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Dr.B.Ravindra babu, Dr.V.Swapna, Chandrasekhar, K.Arun Kumar

Abstract: Micro sponges are micro-porous particles, used mainly for topical and recently for oral administration. Micro sponges have many advantages which make it a versatile drug delivery system. Micro sponges can suspended or entrap a wide variety of substances and then be incorporated into a formulated product such as a gel, cream, liquid, or powder. Moreover, they may enhance stability, reduce side effects and modify drug release related to its porous structure which allows the active ingredient to sustain over time. The aim of this article is to provide details about micro sponges including the method of preparation, characterization, mechanism of drug release from micro sponges, different formulation and process factors, and a few applications about micro sponges which are either proven or under research.

Micro sponges, drug delivery, porous particles, topical applications