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Mrs. B. Jenefa , P. Lakshmi

Abstract— Recently in all over the world in every 40 seconds child becomes missing or kidnapped. The increasing prevalence of children wandering has many parents very concerned. Everyone can see and read many stories about children’s or students who are kidnapped or not reaching homes. Most of the stories have had tragic endings. This project focuses on implementing children tracking location system for every child attending school.  To address this challenge, children tracking system was designed based on RFID technology, where children carry RFID tags and the system is responsible for locating the children by aggregating the readings from the deployed readers. Noting the importance of localized processing for efficient children tracking, study how the locally available computing resource, such as the mobile devices carried by the park employees and visitors, can be utilized for service provisioning. Since mobile devices have limited energy, study on energy efficiency optimization problem are considering the resource allocation and user association. The formulated problem is solved by a dynamic updating matching approach. To obtain the energy efficiency without the loss of signal the OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) is used which provide the more efficiency compared with the existing system.

RFID, tracking children, energy efficiency