A systematic review on the Palliative Care model towards the advance cancer patients

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Dr. Athar Hussain 1 , Dr. Azam Saeed 2 , Dr. Muhammad Asif Nadeem 3 ,Dr. Hamid Jugg 4

Abstract— There is a limited literature of patient perspectives on the role of their physicians in the provision of palliative care. As such, much of the published literature comprises of small, exploratory single-site studies conducted in urban centers. The limited number of studies published about cancer patients’ perspectives on roles of physicians in their palliative care, means that there are many gaps in our knowledge. These gaps may be exacerbated by the methodological and design limitations in the studies reviewed here. The aim of this study is to help close the gap in the literature, by further examining the perspectives of patients with advanced cancer, on the role their physician can play in their palliative care. This study will not only examine patient-stated barriers to palliative care provided by their physician but will also examine the frequency and nature of care by patients’ physicians, and determine the provision of, and preferences for, general, palliative, and supportive care for patients by different practitioners.

Keywords: Systematic review, Palliative Care model, cancer patients.

Systematic review, Palliative Care model, cancer patients.