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Dr.S.Kamalakannan, Dr.S.Charles Ruskin Kumar, Dr.R.Subash Chandra Bose, Ms.Steffy Maria Simon, Mr.Sreekumar N R

Water supply is a basic need required for living creatures and human beings specifically. In this world, the amount of resources available to living creatures is limited. About 75 % of world population lives in the developing countries of the world. About 1.2 billion people still lack safe drinking water and more than 6 million children die from diarrhoea in developing countries every year. However, it is untenable and unbelievable under all situations that waterborne diseases still kill on the average 25,000 people every day in developing countries while millions suffer the debilitating effects of these diseases. Safe drinking water is essential to the health and welfare of a community, and water from all sources must undergo some form of purification before consumption. Various methods are used to make water safe and attractive to the consumer. The method employed depends on the character of the raw water. One of the problems with treatment of surface water is the large seasonal variation in turbidity.