Smart Door Unlock System Using Face Recognition and machine learning

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Keerthi Vuppula

Abstract:-  The conventional security system needs an individual to utilize a key, identification (ID) card or password to get to an area like home and work environment. Notwithstanding, the current security system has numerous shortcomings any place it is essentially projected and taken. Most doors are constrained by people with the work of keys, security cards, catchword or example to open the door. The face is one of the simplest method for separating the individual identity of one another. The course of face detection essentially includes two significant cycle detection and acknowledgment. We planned a robotized locking system by execution this component to 12 v solenoid electronic lock and a request to accomplish a higher exactness and effectiveness Face Acknowledgment upheld openCV is raised on the grounds that it utilizes Eigen faces and lessens the size of face images without losing fundamental highlights, facial images for some people can be put away in the database

Raspberry pi, Database