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Mohammed Said U Y, Shillin K S, Anil D Koola, Dr.Ragesh Sathiyan M, Dr. S.Senthil Kumar

ABSTRACT: Motorized Arecanut Climber and Pesticide Sprayer is a machine is used to help our arecanut farmers for cutting arecanut from tree and also spraying pesticide on tree. Agriculture is one of the major sectors of Indian economy. Of many cash crops produced in India, areca nut is the most important one. Especially in the rainy season, the areca nut attacked by the fungus at the tree top. Tree climbing is risky job during monsoon. Hence an attempt is made to design and fabricate unit that serves this purpose. It contains 2 rollers. It mounted on the slot of supporting beam. The upper roller is freely rotated and the down roller is drive by motor. And we use a wiper sprayer used in four wheelers. First we fixed the machine according to the picture. Then we connect the motor to battery and rotate the motor and the machine climbed up. The movement of up and down of machine controlled by the controller. And then the arecanut is cut by the needling the picture by the upward movement of machine. Using that force we cut the arecanut . UP and DOWN motion and the rotation of machine is controlled by the remote control or mobile app .And for spraying we control our sprayer by mobile app.