Job evaluation is a technique to design salary structure in production industries

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Neeraj Kumar Sharma1

Abstract:- The aims of job evaluation to position in a added orderly approach are to ascertain a regular route for decisive the relative worth of each job in an association, make certain reasonable salary for a job and realistic wage differentials amid diverse jobs in a hierarchical association, settle on the rate of compensate for each job which is reasonable and impartial with relation to other jobs in the plant, society or industry, abolish wage inequalities, apply as a basis for fixing incentives and different bonus plans, prop up a reasonable and exact consideration of all employees for encroachment and relocate, endow with information for work association, employees selection, placement, training and other similar purposes, endow with a benchmark for making career planning for the employees in the association and ensure that similar to remunerations are paid to all qualified employees for similar to work. The chief aim of job evaluation is to make certain reasonable remuneration for relative worth of a job. As per the ILO Report, the aim of the majority of systems of job evaluation is to ascertain, on approved logical basis, the relative values of different jobs in a given plant or machinery, i.e. ,it aims at shaping the relative worth of a job. The principle upon which all job evaluation schemes are supported is that of describing and assessing the value of all jobs in the firms in terms of a number of factors, the relative importance of which varies from job to job.

association ,job. wage, work.