Enhancing optical network Capacity using DWDM system and Dispersion compensating Technique

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Babita Singh1, ShwetaVerma2

Abstract – From each technical and economic scan, the plasticity to turn out in all chance unlimited transmission capability is that the foremost blatant advantage of DWDM technology. This investment in fiber plant can’t entirely be preserved, but optimized by a part of a minimum of thirty 2. so as to cut back dispersion in optical networks numerous dispersion compensating techniques square measure used. Dispersion are often controlled by choosing correct modulation format for the input audiotape. This paper including capability of optical network would be incremented using DWDM system with dispersion compensating technique. The performance of NRZ modulated pulse is evaluated for Dense WDM systems having symmetrical dispersion compensating technique.The pulse breadth i.e FWHM of NRZ modulated mathematician pulse was varied from5ps to 15ps to judge the performance at eighty Gb/s. This experiment shows that Dense WDM systems square measure most effective as a result of BER is extremely less as compared to the standard WDM systems used antecedently.

Optical laser, MUX/DEMUX, DWDM ,NRZ Modulated Gaussian Pulse, Dispersion Compensating Fiber(DCF),Single Mode Fiber(SMF)